Explore as I set free my mind, as it defines the simple logic that flows through it's veins. Bursting with bullets of imagination, colour and imagery. Doing so, I attempt to make some conclusions that does not seem ordinary or ones that lie right under our noses. In between lightbulbs and brain freezes, I shoot photographs, time lapses and whatever captures my mind as it soars through an endless abyss of creativity. Changing the world, one post at a time.

One day this will be my world.

Shots taken using a Panasonic GH2.


Creative exhaustion.

An experimental self-portait
Because being alone can make even the strangers seem like ghosts.

Exposure experimentation using a Panasonic GH2 with an ND filter.
Can you hear the music?

Shot using a Panasonic GH2
Shot yesterday in Sheffield.

Shot using a Panasonic GH2
The future belongs to those who believe.

Snow past midnight.
A shot I took a couple of months back on a trip to Austria.